COSEE-OLC (Centers for Ocean Sciences Education
    Excellence-Ocean Learning Communities)  
“At COSEE-OLC we are actively building a community of scientists, marine volunteer organizations, formal
and informal educators and interested citizens to form an ocean learning community.”  
SoundView’s evaluation work is research on how learning communities form and function. We research
ocean scientists’ engagement with community members such as beach-based and boat-based marine
educators and volunteers, with K-16 students, and with the general public.  Ongoing formative and
summative evaluations for COSEE-OLC have informed decision makers throughout the 5 years of the

    COSEE-Alaska: People, Oceans and Climate Change
“COSEE-Alaska is regional center with a theme of People, Oceans and Climate Change, focused on
weaving together traditional knowledge and western science to share place-based knowledge of ocean
climate change in the north.”
With COSEE Alaska, SoundView Evaluation & Research evaluates signature activities such as the
Communicating Ocean Science Workshop held for ocean scientists during the annual Alaska Marine
Science Symposium.  SoundView is also researching how students work with scientists and community
elders to produce culturally relevant and scientifically defensible ocean science fair projects.

    Seattle Aquarium
SoundView has a 10 year relationship with the Seattle Aquarium, evaluating many projects, including the
high school Citizen Science program, the Howard Hughes grant-funded Sound Science, and the current
NOAA-funded Ocean Science program. Evaluation of the exhibits such as Window on Washington Waters
(WOWW), and Life on the Edge (LOTE), gave necessary feedback to improve education to audiences of
children, teachers, and everyone who comes to the Aquarium.

    Port Townsend Marine Science Center
They are building—articulating—a real orca skeleton! Not a plastic cast, but the real deal, and it is very
exciting to be a part of this unique effort.  SoundView is helping PTMSC conceptualize, detail and record
how this project is affecting the local community, especially young students.  Seeing and handling an actual
orca tooth (right) was a memorable experience for the evaluators, but especially for the volunteers.  
The articulation of Hope, the female orca, was completed in the winter of 2011, but Hope was too large for
the space and had to be partially disassembled. A new addition t
o house her opened September 2012.
Other clients, past or current:

  •  Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium (Tacoma, WA)
  •  Mountains to Sound (Seattle, WA)
  •  Ocean Inquiry Project (University of Washington)
  •  New York Hall of Science (Queens, NY)
  •  Fred Hutchison Center, Science Education Partnership (Seattle, WA)
  •  Institute for Systems Biology (Seattle, WA)
  •  Puget Sound Energy (Bellevue, WA)