What will evaluation do for you?

SoundView Evaluation and Research delivers thoughtful analysis of evidence-backed findings.  Once the simple counting of
people or things is summarized, we delve into the intellectual heart of the issues to illuminate understanding of what actually
happened, compared to what you hoped would happen, along with thoughtful suggestions for the future.

We will be your critical friend — who sees with clarity, helps you thoroughly understand, and then supports constructive
changes.  These are the essentials of evaluation — collect evidence, analyze it within the context of what experts are doing in the
field, and move forward to better understanding and implementation.  

The SoundView Evaluation & Research team has more than 20 years of distinguished service in the formal and informal
science-learning world.

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    Services Offered

Formative evaluation
    During the brainstorming phase of a project, SoundView can help you define goals, outcomes, and how to measure
    those outputs, within budget.  As the program unfolds we help you look at what is happening:  is it following the
    original plan, and where and how the project can be improved to achieve the intended aims.

Summative evaluation
    As a project or program concludes, we answer the question:  what were the outcomes?  What impact did the
    program have on participants and staff?  We provide essential feedback to the client and report what is meaningful
    for the funder.  There is always another grant to go after, and having the capacity to learn from the past is

Education Research
    If your education project requires research-based findings, we can help you with qualitative or quantitative research
    designs, help with the data collection and analysis, and produce publishable results.

Data Collection through surveys, interviews and other strategies—online or in person, with clear, useful results
made accessible to your audience or grantor.

Consulting services. Let us help you frame your proposal for maximum chance of success.  We can use our
experience in education, informal science, and to refine your ideas. We can lead you through developing logic
models, theory of change, and identification of resources, short and long term outcomes and program impacts.
SoundView Evaluation and Research